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Can Do Kids strike a chord in Wales

The Can Do Kids are five of the most beloved jet-setters in the Amazing People Worldwide family.

Recently, they made their debut in Wales.

Children at the Bryn Coch School enjoyed a lesson where they followed the adventures of the Can Do Kids throughout Australia and China.

Educator Laura Eriksen used the dedicated lesson plans and musical eBooks as starters for inspiring discussion about different cultures and countries around the world.

“The children really enjoyed the eBooks and they tried to connect really well with the characters,” reflected Laura.

“The class was just as interested about the characters as they were about the countries and culture,” explains Laura.

The children responded well to the pace of the lesson and said they loved the accents and the music throughout.

The Can Do Kids are all accomplished musicians. As such, the children were also eager to learn more about instruments; both ones played by the band and other world instruments such as the Digeridoo from Australia and Erhu from China.

Because they found the Can Do Kids so inspirational, Laura says many of the children kept the interest alive in their own time.

“As we were going through the lesson plan, particularly for China, some of the children even went home in the evening and came in the next day asking many more questions about China,” she says.

“They saw the Can Do Kids as role models and wanted to explore each country further.”

Not only did the Can Do Kids leave a lasting impression, the lesson trial at Bryn Coch also provided valuable feedback on how to improve the resource and give children more of what they enjoyed most: interactivity.

“A map of each country could be used as a contents page for classroom lesson content… this would work well on both the smart board and mobile devices,” suggests Laura.

The Amazing People Worldwide team are looking forward to creating more comprehension tasks, quizzes, games and other elements of interactivity that will help the Can Do Kids become even more of a global sensation in young classrooms.



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