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Bullying meets its match against the ‘Super Power’ inside

We all look up to heroes. Superman, Wonder Woman, Iron Man; saving the day with their incredible powers beyond belief.

But what makes these heroes special isn’t necessarily their superhuman abilities, but rather the selfless way they help and protect others, plus their inner emotional strength to stay true to themselves.

This is the kind of fortitude Shaylee Gear was imagining when she wrote Super Power, a song about being strong in the face of bullying.

Shaylee Gear recording at Bignote Productions

“The lyrics to my song first came about when I witnessed an event during an eisteddfod weekend,” reflects Shaylee.

“There was a girl who was teasing this boy who had a different accent, I was watching the situation and you could really tell that he was heartbroken.

“When I got back to my room, I couldn’t stop thinking about it so I put all my feelings on paper and it turned into part of the song.”

Rather than focusing on the negative, Super Power is all about positive reinforcement and encouraging others to not bend to peer pressure.

The song aims to spread love instead of hate and Shaylee says that instead of buying into the victim mentality, it’s about empowering yourself and others to do the right thing.

“I hope my song will encourage others to be kind and use that kindness as a superpower because having a bad attitude at the end of the day will always be your weakness,” she says.

Shaylee finished recording Super Power in 2017 at Bignote Productions with Jennifer Matthews and Paul Harris.

At just age 11, it was the first song she had recorded professionally in a studio.

The song’s message remains timeless, particularly today as the world recognises International Stand Up to Bullying Day 2020.

Shaylee says everyone who listens to Super Power can benefit from its message, even when times are tough and standing up may feel pointless.

“I made this song for others to listen to empower them. I want to teach the community to love and not hate.”



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