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Aussie Spirit Shines Bright through Amazing Australians

Even as Australia suffers its worst natural tragedy in recent memory, the spirit of its people doesn’t waver.

Through every hardship there are unsung heroes. Firefighters, doctors, military personnel, wildlife warriors, good neighbours, compassionate individuals; all have one thing in common - 'Aussie Spirit.'

It’s this same vitality, shown by our people in the hard times and the good, that inspired the song Amazing Australians.

Written by Jack Hughes, Jennifer Matthews and Paul Harris, Amazing Australians is a reflection on what makes our country great.

Shaylee Gear
Shaylee Gear is proud to be the voice of Amazing Australians

The song pays tribute to Australia’s rugged and charming landscapes, as well as the connection shared by so many of its people.

“The song is designed to make you feel like you’re part of something unique,” says Jennifer.

“It’s quintessentially Australian; like a snag on the barbie, like thongs, like sitting around a campfire under the Southern Cross on a beautiful night.”

“It’s designed to have everyone tapping their feet and joining in.”

The song also pays special homage to the concept of mateship, a uniquely Australian trait that shines through even when times are tough.

“Even though this country is so large, in Australia you’re never really alone,” says Jennifer.

“People will bend over backwards to help each other, particularly in times of crisis that’s when we’re stronger.”

“There’s never any doubt that someone is going to come to your rescue in this country. Aussies will give you help before you even ask for it.”

The single of Amazing Australians is performed by Shaylee Gear, an aspiring songwriter and star student at Vocal Adrenaline Performing Arts.

It was a moving experience for her to be a part of the project.

“This song has really captured the spirit of what it’s like to live and be in Australia,” says Shaylee.

“It reminds us of how lucky we are to call this amazing country home.”

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